Meet the people who make Remember Black Philly.

Project Leadership

Project Director: Krystal Strong, Ph.D. ▼

Krystal Strong is a scholar, community organizer, and third generation Philadelphian. As an assistant professor of Black Studies in Education at Rutgers University, her research and teaching focus on student and community activism, youth, and education in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Project Archivist: Jennifer Garcon, Ph.D.

Jennifer Garcon is the Librarian for Modern and Contemporary Special Collections at Princeton Library. She works to expand the library's capacity to support the preservation of a vulnerable collection of data, through strategic partnership building and community collaboration.

Project Manager: Monique Perry

Producer, Editor, and Videographer. Monique is a longterm Philly resident, educator, and Education doctoral student at UPenn.

Digital Scholarship Team

Project Manager: Putri Agustinos ▼

Putri is a graduate student at Penn GSE. She is interested in the intersection of language learning, civic engagement, critical studies, and digital humanities. Putri has been engaged in grassroots community-based programs related to education, immigration & citizenship, and had worked in an ed-tech start-up industry.

Project Consultant: Cassandra Hradil ▼

Cassandra serves as a liaison between the Libraries’ Center for Research Data & Digital and the Price Lab. She specializes in managing and supporting digital projects across a range of media. Her interests include archival information systems, decolonial mapping, queer interfaces, e-textiles, and feminist data visualization.

Project Coordinating Consultant: Cynthia Heider ▼

In her role as Penn Libraries’ first Public Digital Scholarship Librarian, Cynthia works to initiate and support digital projects, scholarship, and programming that center community partnerships and public engagement. As part of the Research Data and Digital Scholarship team, she consults with audiences on and beyond campus to actively facilitate opportunities for equitable collaboration, resource sharing, and critical inquiry in the digital realm.

Project Consultant: Nicky Agate ▼

Nicky is the Snyder-Granader Assistant University Librarian for Research Data and Digital Scholarship. Nicky leads the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship, building partnerships with campus centers and initiatives and supporting faculty and students whose research makes intensive use of digital methods and tools, including research data, across the disciplines.

Project Technical Lead: Max J. Dugan ▼

Max Johnson Dugan is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on Islamic material and visual culture, embodiment, and emotions. His dissertation examines Halal consumption in Philadelphia using a combination of ethnographic and digital humanistic methods in order to understand how Islamic traditions, racialization, and the contingencies of urban life give halal consumer goods their purchase.

Lead Design Coordinator: Quinn Gruber ▼

Quinn Gruber (C’22) is a poet, researcher, and translator that finds joy in little things like leaves and tiny doors that go nowhere. They focus on the intersections of science, disability, and literature, along with digital humanities and Italian poetry. They currently work as an editorial assistant for an educational publishing company.

Past Contributors

Marc Holley - Director of Digital Media.

Ivy Williams - Undergraduate Research Assistant, and Assistant Producer and Videographer.

Aseal Saed - Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Biruk Tibebe - Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Ansharaye Hines - Producer, Editor, and Videographer.

Tajah Ebram, Ph.D. - Researcher and Copywriter.

Sasha Renninger - Lead Developer.

Siyang You - Django Developer.

Irene Zhang - Django and OpenLayers Developer.

Nia Hammond - Web Designer and Developer.

Miranda Mote - Graphic Designer.